About Michele

I'm a certified Life + Biz coach which means if you have a biz I help you have a life so that you're not working 24/7 - but your biz is! I want to help you WORK LESS and MAKE MORE so you can spend more time with the people you love. Check out my Collaborate Page to see how. If you feel building your dream biz (the one you believe with a fire in your belly and all your heart) is wearing you out, straining your marriage and making you a bad wife + mom. I want to let you know you're not alone!

I'm not a coach because I'm perfect... I'm a coach because I'm perfectly imperfect, and so are you!


"What I learned has transformed my life, There are no accidents in life…this has been a recurring theme all my life."


My first experience with this knowing is when I fell off my bike at 18 yo senior year.

Went flying over my handle bars, smacked my head in a tree slice my neck on the No PARKING sign that was nailed in the tree. 

Missed my jugular vein by a finger nail, nearly bled to death, but because I was so vain, my scarf around my neck saved my life, no helmet, just a really cute hat, which I stole from my older sister.

I was notorious for taking her stuff with out permission.

I was saved! I had the talk with God my higher power, I vaguely remember the conversation, but the gist was it wasn't my time! He said you lots of work to do! Your going to get married have a child and bring your love light and joy to the world, your smile is going to light up the world! Really? little old me? Why? It's not yours to ask why? its your destiny! 

Then I woke up in the ambulance with a catholic priest standing over me with rosary's in his hands. I immediately jolted my head up and said no no I don't want to die! He said you are not going to you are going to be fine you hit your head and have a little scratch on your neck you are in the ambulance on your way to the hospital.

I passed out guess I was in shock!


"My wake-up call inspired me to take better care of myself"


So each day I live with joy and gratitude.

My wake up call is when I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma, ductal carcinoma in-situ, one diagnosis, but two!

I remember when I got the call from the hospital. I was working with one of my favorite client’s house. We had weekly private yoga sessions that we both would look forward to. I told my client that I would need to keep the phone on buzzer because I was expecting a call from the biopsy lab for the results.

It was like watching a movie when I picked up the phone when I saw the number was from the hospital. “this was not happening they had to have made a mistake, the last time I had a biopsy they diagnosed my right breast with Hyperplasia and atypical.

Having atypical ductal hyperplasia has been shown to slightly increase the risk of developing breast cancer…basically my breast tissue very lumpy fibrous breast tissue that meant that they would want to watch me carefully because I would be more prone to getting breast cancer. So in my mind I thought it’s my breast tissue that is fibrotic…this is not cancer the big “C” the sentence of DEATH. this is not happening..they have the wrong Michele, my name is spelled with one “L” not two…

I kept hearing this voice this can’t be happening this doesn’t happen to people like me! I eat, drink super healthy, I exercise 3-4x’s week, I mediate, I met my the man of my dreams.. But it was happening. So like any strong woman I put the phone down and asked my client who had become my anchor to stay in this moment and stay focused, ask the right questions take notes of what where the next steps to take.. This was no accident that the call came at this time being with my client who knew me like a sister. She not only was a client but she was a very close friend who would listen to all of my online dating stories before I met my husband, who ended up knowing this client and she ended up marrying us. I of course realized that I needed to cancel my next client, there is no way I could just push these feelings down.