I'll be REAL with you...

BUilding a biz online is HARD eFFING WORK!!!!

There's a LOT of people out there making it look so easy which probably makes you feel like a failure... but you're not... I know you're a winner!

I also know I made a LOT of mistakes on my way. For whatever reasons I didn't always find the RIGHT mentor at the RIGHT time like other people did. My ''this mentor changed everything in my life + biz'' moment has YET to happen ;/

And LUCKY FOR YOU it hasn't....

Because as the saying goes what doesn't break you makes  you stronger 🏼 

Julia and I aren't new to the entrepreneur rodeo. We didn't one day ''decide to be a coach, get a certification and hang up our shingle as a 'life coach''. 


We've been running our own businesses for 37 years combined..... 37 years!!!!!! Are you working with someone right now that has 37 years experience being an entrepreneur? Most likely not. And we want to dish out some secrets to help you go from HOT MESS to BLESSED SUCCESS in 2018!

Join us to find the 8 MISTAKES you don't want to make in 2018!