Shine Your Light

Growing up in an Italian household in the early 70's.

We would gather around the dining room table at the end of our day to see each other.

Most of the time we were involved in the food preparation. My job was making the salad, which I was good at and enjoyed it, too! Mom is a very good cook in my eyes, even though she just uses garlic,and not many other spices. At the table would be my brother, sister, ME, and my younger sister.

The typical Italian meal. Pasta, butter, olive oil and amazing tomato sauce that was homemade.

Looking back at our family dinners they were fairly healthy, according to what my mom learned from her own mother.

We would have some type of meat protein and fresh vegetables. Very rarely we would have canned food, as my mother didn't like the sodium it contained. This must be the reason my body really does not crave salty or spicy food. When I eat now, I eat very clean about 80% of the time. Especially when I travel.

Around the dinner table my Dad did most of the talking. We sat and listened to what he was telling us.

The topics  ranged from what happened that day to what he read in the paper or watched on TV the night before. Dad loved watching TV especially the news and sports. When one of us wanted to talk, he would say, in a very loud voice "I AM TALKING RIGHT NOW AND YOU NEED TO LISTEN"!

DAD is a very passionate, loving parent that has extreme feelings!

Looking back now he was passionate. He grew up in a very big family and being the youngest he probably didn't have many chances to speak at his own dinner table. Dad’s dad died when he was 14 years old. Learning communication skills in a big family was non existent.

So as young adolescent I learned to get along with all kinds of people.

I learned not to be afraid of strangers. Dad would take me out with him when he would go on errands and occasional sales calls. Dad was a very successful insurance agent for John Hancock as was one of the top sales agents, every month we would go on these trips where the top sales agents would be honored for there accomplishments.  He would take either one or two of his children to this special event in the Berkshires or in New York.

I would love this! I would go shopping with my mother to buy a pretty fancy dress. Mom and dad love all of us to a fault and are very generous; with time and money.

I owe all of my success of being a great mother and entrepreneur to my parents. Most of my people skills are what my parent’s modeled for me.

My mother would say to us, If you have;"nothing GOOD to say then don't say it at all.” My dad taught me not to settle to be a "C" student. He would also say, "Michele, you are very talented, smart  young woman." You have been cursed with being multi-talented and, basically once you decide what you want to do in this world, you will be unstoppable and you will be seen and HEARD!

I never really believed my dad because growing up in the early 70's as a young girl, I was constantly being very careful what I said to keep the peace. I would occasionally let my armor come off to shine my light, joy and happiness of what I wanted to experience as a young girl, an how I wanted my future to look.

The typical response from the universe was no, no, no you can't say that or do that! You are supposed to just do and say what is expected of you! The expectation was crystal clear!! If you disagreed with any opinion that was considered different than the "NORM" normal or robotic then your voice would be swept under the rug and your light would go out!


We all have a voice an opinion, or a perception.  We are not the same we are different with many experiences that have touched us.

If for some reason this human existence is all about being censored and shut down.

what has happened here? Are we here on this planet to learn, teach, mentor, grow spiritually, and be the best ME?? The better version of our self?

Yes this is a long discussion that can't be answered in this post!

But I welcome you and your friends to write to me and post your thoughts on FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram and here in the comments

You might be compelled to text or talk about this to some one in your family or a friend.

Well, today I had an opportunity to express my voice and things got a little heated and my heart started to race. Initially, I heard my inner critic say,:-Be a good girl now!!

But my inner voice, my light became very bright and I no longer could accept the rose - colored glasses trying to DIM MY LIGHT!!