No one is better than being me than myself!


Do you ever say to yourself?

What's the point?

No one is going to want to hear what I have to say!

Someone else has already wrote that story?



As you know I have been creating and teaching my clients on the manifestation of Joy!

A couple of months ago I felt stuck in my message that I was conveying, So I called my coach Julia Slike and we ended up having a dance party over Zoom.. Dancing, moving to music helps me get in tuned to my souls purpose.

My natural state is being happy and joyful…I rarely feel depressed. Most of my clients that I work with, are usually in some type of physical pain. It's my job in a loving way is to connect the "DOTS" here.

Your physical symptoms are very real, but sometimes there we are not aligned mind, body, and spirit.

Watch your thoughts and reactions to things. If you keep saying negative things than negative things will keep happening.

If you don't honor your body and take little breaks during your day. You are going to wreck yourself.

Pain in your neck or low back just doesn't appear mysteriously. The more awareness in your own posture,
when driving, walking, talking on your iPhone, or texting you're less likely to get that sharp pain in your neck or back.

Even if you are aware of your body posture and movements throughout your day, you still need to take breaks and stretch, go for a walk outside in nature, even if it's snowing. That fresh air is invigorating.

If you are new to the Julian Method… I love to use my voice to …teach, guide others' how the power of kindness connects us to Joy.

"Kindness is not simply a social nicety. It is what connects us as human beings." The Power Of Kindness retreat (

Contact me through my online calendar, so I can give you the direct contact information to sign up for this.

The Dali Lama’s motto: “My religion is kindness.” One of the biggest things my mother and father taught us is being kind.

My mom use to say " If you have nothing nice to say! Then say nothing at all!

This is vibrated with me my whole life. What's interesting is that people are always so surprised that I am usually saying something so positive.

When people first meet me, they are suspicious that I might have some hidden agenda. But over time they realize this is a genuine trait.

I learned to use my voice when I went back to school after I got divorced. I remember vividly the classroom and teacher that I adored.

She wrote on the chalkboard the very first day. KNOWLEGE IS POWER, YOUR VOICE MATTERS, YOU ARE HEARD!

This became a magic wand that would sprinkle fairy dust over me when I felt someone trying to stop me from using my voice.

Ever since that day I love to share this with other young women that are afraid to speak up and share their voice.

My daughter learned this from me and know works in human resources as an amazing communicator.

My Inner voice is my souls work calling me to continue to be a teacher and guide of Joy Empowerment!

What are you saying to yourself?

How are you using your voice?

Remember your words manifest your reality!