What is your souls purpose?

Sometimes I am Squeezing to get exercise into my day!!

Running to the next thing! Can you relate?

What's the point?

Why go to the gym?

Are we creating healthy patterns?

Are we being mindless?

Are we being kind?

How can we create a lifestyle that is balanced?

When our world judges us and shames us.

Every day we wake up with this idea of How we want to become this or that!

Our feet hit the ground we are racing to beat the clock!

Instead of just being with the clock.

Allowing our mind to observe what is up for us?

Are you sore?

Are you energized?

Are you Sad?

Are you excited?

When do you tap into what you are feeling?

Not what you have or need to do!

Life has so many have to's.

This is my Why?

Why get out of bed?

What's your soul purpose?

How do you want to Feel?

The desire map talks about this with Danielle Laporte. We are here on this planet to feel and experience things.

We are here to be students and teachers for each other.

Are we all looking for the same things?

To be heard, loved, in love, to make a difference.

Be kind, compassionate, live a life of vulnerability and bravery?

How does one do this?

One Day at A Time!

This is what life has taught me.

The big trick is that society creates this illusion of Shiny Object Syndrome.

If you're Rich & Smart you are in control of what you want.

If you plan, work hard, save for that rainy day you'll be able to live that lifestyle you always dreamed of.

You get to decide, Are you getting this?

Allowing & experience so you can feel joy in the simple things in life, or life will be a blink of an eye.

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Come join me in this conversation!

How are feeling your joy?

Are you always working?

Come back to this contemplation?

It's Food for your Soul♥️