Neuromuscular Therapy/Massage

NeuroMuscular Therapy sessions are organized and customized in relationship to posture analysis, which is critical for living without muscular damage and postural dysfunction.

The traditional NMT techniques is based upon the combined 20 years of experience that Michele Julian has created with clinical NMT practical application.

Each module includes postural assessment, treatment strategizing, in order for you to move with effeciently, without engaging the same postural habits that prevent you from living pain free.

You will learn proper postural techiques and be instructed self-care techniques that will help you apply the tools and modalities. That you can incorporate into your daily routine that will not slow you down or add additional stress to your current excersise program.


It is your birthright to be Free from pain

$150 60min 

$175 90min

 Therapeutic Yoga In Home, Office, Zoom

Private yoga takes us back to the original roots of yoga, as traditionally, yoga was shared between one teacher and one student.

Reasons for Private Yoga

There are many reasons to consider private yoga instruction. Maybe you:

• Are so busy, there’s no time for class at a studio?
• Are brand new to yoga or have taken an extended break and not sure how to get started? Private yoga builds strength, confidence and flexibility starting where you are at a level you feel is right for you.
• Have health or physical limitations or are recovering from an injury or illness? Sessions are customized to fit your specific therapeutic needs.
• Are ready to take your practice to the next level, going deeper into more challenging poses?
• Feel intimidated in a group setting? In a private session, you choose exactly what you need. There’s no pressure.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga practice subtly penetrates all the multiple layers of us — the physical body, breath body, emotional body, energetic body, and spiritual body. Yoga helps us:

✓ Improve flexibility, strength, balance and coordination
✓ Reduced stress and mental fatigue
✓ Improve circulation and overall health by reducing risk of chronic disease
✓ Enhance concentration and productivity
✓ Deeper awareness and knowledge of your body and self

I know you are unique. Your personal health and fitness level, injuries, awareness, and personal intentions are at the forefront. Subtle adjustments to physical alignment allow a stronger foundation and greater understanding of yoga.

Choose us for the highest level in quality of instruction, professionalism and reliability.

$100 60 min

$120 90 min

Meditation In Home, Office, Zoom

Meditation is often used to clear the mind and ease many health concerns, such as high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety. It may be done sitting, or in an active way—for instance, Buddhist monks involve awareness in their day-to-day activities as a form of mind-training. Prayer beads or other ritual objects are commonly used during meditation in order to keep track of or remind the practitioner about some aspect of the training.

$45 45 min

$ 60 60 min



Wellness Coaching In Home, Office, Zoom

Wellness Coaching is similar to Life Coaching except that it deals with issues for and about your body, your overall health and general well-being. If you want to be healthier, and you are committed to making some major lifestyle changes to get there, then a Wellness Coach is who you want to work with.

Wellness Coaching can be done either in person or on the phone, and each coaching session lasts about 45 minutes. An entire program consists of an initial evaluation (up to 1½ hours), and usually can be completed in 12 weeks, although it is not uncommon for coaching relationships to last much longer.

$175 90 min


Core Conditioning In Home, Office, Zoom

Core exercises help build abs and other core muscles

Core strength exercises strengthen your core muscles, including your abdominal muscles, back muscles and the muscles around the pelvis. Strong core muscles make it easier to do many physical activities. Michele will customize these core exercises according to your fitness and lifstyle.

You can do core strength exercises even when you are sitting at your computer or at a traffic light.

The key is to repeat each of these core strength exercises as often as you can. As your core strength improves, your back problems and joint pain will diminish.

$175 90 min

Life + Love Coaching

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